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What should you do to have full protection from the sun

The sun, especially during summer, can be particularly harmful to human skin. So it is necessary to take steps to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Below, here are some items that apply to the sun and UV radiation.

1.) Clothing and fabrics

The type of fabric you wear provides different protection. Indicatively, a thin cotton top, has an index SPF> 10. When made of acrylic, the ratio is> 5 and when it is silk, the ratio is> 15. Other machine types have a higher index, while aa-fitting clothes have a higher index from baggy.

2.) Clouds

In a sparse clouds, the dose of UV is 50-70% of the dose of a sunny day. Even on a gray, rainy day, the dose of UV is 10-20% of the dose of a sunny day. Consequently, ultraviolet radiation can be harmful to the skin in each case.

3.) Hours and seasons

The total perceived lupus dose over the two months of December – January, while it is a sunny summer day. 50% of the total daily dose, in three hour 12:00 to 15:00. UVB intensity falls off towards the end of the day. The UVA but remains relatively constant throughout the day.

4.) Glass, cars

At home and car windows ‘filter’ radiation and practically cut throughout after they absorb UVB radiation with a wavelength <320 nm. The UVA but not filtered and penetrates the glass.

5.) How to use sunscreen

Sunscreen is useless if not properly used:

You should apply your sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going out in any part of the body exposed to the sun. You should pay special attention to sensitive areas: ears, nose, lips (sticks), soles, palms, V neck, elbows and bald head (sprays).
Reapply sunscreen every two hours, as long as you are exposed to the sun, even at the end of the day. On the mountain (eg skiing), the exposed skin should be protected every hour (with the same frequency winter – summer) !!! Swimming, wind and excessive sweating, remove the cream faster than skin, so in this case should renew sunscreen more often.
Most people spread only half quantity than that used by companies to determine the index SPF.

This results in the reduction of the index from 15 to 8. For complete assurance, should then apply to the face and neck half teaspoon.

Women who use the sun as a base for makeup, renew not during the day. However, full protection of sunscreen, lost after 2 hours …

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So to enjoy complete protection from the sun and harmful radiation, you can follow these simple tips.

Limit sun exposure at times when the radiation is stronger, ie. 10 a.m. to 4:00 PM.
Wear hats and long-sleeved shirts when out in the sun. Picking fitting fabrics for greater protection from the sun’s rays.
Always put it back sunscreen when you leave the water even though the manufacturer claims the sunscreen is waterproof.
Do not be fooled by a cloudy or rainy day, the sun’s rays are then harmful.
Particularly those at higher risk for the occurrence of future skin cancer, should put sunscreen daily. High-risk groups are working outdoors, farmers, pale etc.
If you get an allergic reaction to sunscreen (redness, itching or tingling on the skin), stop immediately and see your dermatologist.
Beware of reflective surfaces! Sand, snow, sea water, reflect the radiation of the sun. Thus, sitting in the shade of an umbrella or a tree, is not sufficient protection.
Avoid tanning lamps in some beauty salons. The radiation emitted, causing sunburn, premature skin aging and increases the risk of future occurrence of skin cancer.
Great attention to children: Use sunscreen cream to children from age 6 months and older.
Educate your children to use sunscreen.
Teenagers should be informed that water resistant (water-resistant) sunscreens are good for 40 ‘bathing minutes and waterproof (waterproof) is effective for 80 minutes or so.
General rule: In your day-long stay on the beach (or mountain skiing), spread the sunscreen (regardless of the index), every hour and even more frequently if you go in and out the water. Normal use sunscreen (with SPF SPF> 15) until the age of 18, reduces by 78% the risk of developing skin cancer later in life.

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