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Providing customers with safe food products for consumption consists a precondition for the operation and growth of our business.

The supermarket management has chosen as a mean of its constant progress the implementation of EU Regulation 832/2004 for the foodstuffs hygiene. In order to achieve this, the company proceeded in the development and observance of the international foodstuffs safety administration programme on the principle of the HACCP system by identifying, foreseeing and checking the microbiological, chemical and natural hazards which may affect the food products.

The professionalism and our trained staff who executes continuous controls on the food products succeeds in bringing together the effective implementation, administration, inspection as well as the impediment of the hazardousness which might occur during manufacturing, storing or purchasing of the products; ensuring therefore their safety as well as their high quality.


  1. Suitability of the premises featuring sufficient lighting as well as ventilation.
  2. Suitability of the storage rooms as well as inspection during transportation, delivery and storage of the products.
  3. Up-to-date equipment which is constantly maintained and upgraded.
  4. Constant personnel training with regard to food safety matters.
  5. Foodstuffs supplied by suppliers who observe the HACCP system.


  1. All refrigerators are administered by a central temperature control system for instant notification and temperature recording.
  2. Check of meat’s pH acidity as well as of meat’s temperature upon delivery time.
  3. Frequent lab analysis on meat and meat specialities.
  4. Check of EU conformity marks each animal carries with; in order to make sure whether it is certified by the Veterinary Services.
  5. Disinfection and cleaning of the equipment as well as of the working areas with special cleaners suitable for meat processing areas.

HEALTHY FOOD MANAGEMENT A newsletter on food hygiene.

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