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The variety Syrah comes from a region with rich wine tradition, from the Rhone in France. Rich wine with international distribution in recent years grown in Greece. It gives dark red wine with soft flavors, moderate acidity and soft tannins retained and after taste.

Features aromas of this variety is the flavor of berries, spice and chocolate. Generally characterized by an impressive complex bouquet. Generally the wines of this variety is dominated by spicy, peppery aroma to impress consumers.


The variety Merlot, is almost universal. Variety of wine, with concentrated aromatic character and velvety taste. The wine made with Merlot grapes are moderate acidity and mild tannins and a long pleasant aftertaste. The Greek Merlot wines are generally of good quality. Features aromas of this variety is the fragnance of plum, spice, red fruit and herbs. Often displays caramel flavor.

Cebernet Sauvignon

The wine list Cabernet Sauvignon is widespread worldwide. It gives dark red dry wine with intense and complex aromas. These are wines of moderate acidity with concentraded body and balanced flavor. Characterized by the strong presence of tannins and a pleasant aftertaste. Features aromas of this variety are red berries, plums, currants and aromatic nuances of green pepper.

Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc is a French variety, cultivation was extended to almost all the world. Gives wines with high acidity and long finish. The characteristic aromas of this variety is scented fruits, citrus, especially pomelos and cut grass.


French variety that gives excellent white wines are medium to high acidity with a rich aromatic character and good aftertaste. Today it has expanded worldwide. Cultivated in many parts of Greece.

The Chardonnay is a variety rich in aromatic characteristics, perhaps the most interesting. Reminiscent of ripe apple and tropical fruit, melon, mango, and often wines are Chardonnay aromas reminiscent of peach. Aged wine, it reveals aromas of wood smoke and nuts.

Types of sherry

The types of sherry are:

  • Manzanilla (dry, suitable for an aperitif).
  • Fino (Dry, with a “ripe’” fruit flavor. Suitable for aperitif).
  • Oloroso (dessert wine).
  • Cream (Very old and sweet, relatively viscous. Dessert wine. It may also accompany desserts, like many liqueurs).

Types of Madeira wine

The types of Madeira wine are:

  • Verdehlo (Xiro. Suitable for aperitif).
  • Sercial (Xiro. Suitable for aperitif).
  • Boal (Glykytero, dessert wine).
  • Malmsey (Glykytero, dessert wine).

Madeira wine

Produced in the homonymous island, Portugal. Use white grape varieties. It is very aromatic wine with a variety special and strong character. Since this wine is made known and sauce Madera sauce used in cooking.

Types of port wine

  • Porto Full (About “young” port. It has a deep red color)
  • Porto Ruby (at least four years old. It is red)
  • Porto Tawny (too old. It has pinkish color).
  • Port Vintage (Porto only selected a good year, with no mixing).
  • Porto Ruby (at least four years old. It is red)
  • Porto Tawny (too old. It has pinkish color).
  • Port Vintage (Porto only selected a good year, with no mixing).

Porto Wine

The port is mainly a dessert wine produced in Portugal, in the valley of the river Douro. Although the variety that gives the port is red-comes in smaller quantities-port and white grapes. The port is aged as xanthainei. Served in a special glass (tulip).

White – Rose Vermouth

The White Vermouth served cold (with ice or without) and garnished with a slice of lemon. The Rose Vermouth served just like white.

Red – Dry Vermouth

The color of red vermouth due to caramel. Produced and this white wine. Served cold (with or without ice). Garnish with an orange slice. The Dry Vermouth served cold (with or without ice). Garnished with a lemon slice or only peel the slice. It’s eminently vermouth cocktail.


Vermouth belongs in aromatic wines. Contains of various herbs, including mandatory and absinthe. It is digestive and appetizer. Vermouth served neat in a glass of old fashioned (a glass of whisky). The cocktails containing vermouth in a shaker not beaten but ready to mixihgglass or directly in the glass because vermount beset with savage blow.


It is a strong sweet wine from Sicily used to manufacture zampalione and generally to give flavor.


Retsina is a Greek wine during fermentation added pine resin with the effect of flavor.


Great things we enjoy and the color of rose wine. Because depending on the variety of grape used and the correct technique, a pink shades can range from pale pinkish rose leaf up and cerise (for richer wines) through orange, pink, bronze, “the onion leaf” and saumon. The grape varieties that gives the most robust rose wine is Mourvedre, a Syrah, a Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and in our own Xinomavro and Agioritiko of Nemea and Mandilari Crete will give softer – but often thick and rich-wines. The rose wines, the fruity character is very intense and pleasurable, reminds primarily strawberry, pomegranate and framboise and the richest can remind the cherry and dark berry.

And to move to the main dish, where the rose wines are unmatched are the culinary possibilities opened like proud peacock tail.

Indeed, light-fruity and semi-dry rose will excel with shellfish, pork with sour and spicy flavors, seafood, all kinds of exotic and Asian cuisine and spicy Mexican food or snacks as well and the very spicy version of certain dishes Taflandezikis kitchen. The full, rich, robust and completely dry rose wines also fit a huge range of dishes: veal, beef, poultry, duck dishes with tomato sauce (fish, meat, pasta and vegetables), all kinds of barbeque (fish and meat) and smoked foods, incluing meats, will bow to their sake.

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