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The wines, depending on their content of sugar, divided into:

  • dry without sugar (Brusca) and
  • sweets with sugar. The sweet wines from the grape of many mature grapes, rich in grape sugar, which is fermented and more (a part of the remains unfermented).

The content of dry and sweet wines in alcohol varies between 6-20%.

In Greece prepared and retinite wine (retsina). This comes from the fermentation of grape juice with added grape in 4-6% of pine resin.

Another category of wines is the sparkling, containing carbon dioxide dissolved under pressure. These in turn are divided into:

  • natural foam, in which carbon dioxide is produced in the bottles after pomatosi from the fermentation of glucose and
  • artificial, in which carbon dioxide is sent from outside.

Natural sparkling wine, Champagne is the (champagne) prepared in Champagne, France.

The cider, which comes from the fermentation of apple juice and the alcohol content ranges from 3 to 4.5%.

Finally, depending on their color, the wines are divided into:

  • white
  • red and
  • black

The black wines produced by fermentation of grapes with the skins for around a week. Then peel away.

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