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White wines and meals

The light, white wines are what we eat everyday. All are characterized by more or less intensely fruity and usually uplifting acidity

This category includes most Greek wines, not “nickname” from the wood of the barrel. You can drink as an aperitif at the beginning of the meal, or combine it with salads, seafood and light fish. Do not discard, however, the idea to try dishes that “winning” weight (wealth) from fat or starch (eg. Just pies or pasta)

Categories of food

  • Salads and grilled vegetables
  • Seafood
  • Lightweight fish, such as language, mullet, bream, etc., baked, fried or with light sauces
  • Pasta with light dressings of sauces with seafood
  • Fresh cheeses like ricotta or French goat (chevre)

Rich white wine and food

This category includes primarily wines are aged in oak casks. Are full in flavor, usually balanced (a rare find strong acidities, with the exception perhaps of outdated Santorini) and characterized by more complex aromas (compared with the light white wines). Many of the aged in barrels for Greek wines, and most of the top imported belong to this group. Compined successfully with a wide range of dishes, from fish to white meat and hearty pasta.

Categories of food

  • Crayfish, crabs, lobster
  • Dishes with eggplant
  • A rich fish like salmon, tuna etc
  • Poultry, like chicken and turkey, roast, or “white” sauces
  • Roast pork
  • Pasta with rich, creamy sauces
  • Smoked cheeses, such as metsovone

Light red wine & food

Characterized by moderately “body”, while usually are not astringents. Most do not “see” often wood, and usually consume news, so enjoy the pleasant fruity character.

The effect of year and the wine is often essential if a red wine to be included in this category, or category of the rich. Thus, for example, a “Naoussa” a mediocre year (eg, 1995), would come into this group of wines, while a careful “Naoussa” a great year (eg, 1994) will be included in the rich wines. Practical rule: in this class are usually red wines relatively cheap. The wines are successfully matched with dishes more severe than that rich white wines.

Categories of food

  • Α rich fish (salmon, tuna), with dark sauces (red wine, mushrooms or tomatoes)
  • Pasta with red sauce and sauces with meat or mushrooms
  • Poultry and feathered game with a dark sauce
  • Pizza (for fanatics wine loνers)
  • Grilled meat and sausages
  • Yellow cheese (Gruyere, gouda, etc.)

Rich red wine and food

The cream of red wine. Wine to the perfect result, so it filled with good structure, usually grow old more or less time in oak barrels, and are characterized by complex and dense fragnance, especially if aged a bit and the bottle. This category includes the finest Greek wines from the best years. Combined with rich dishes, which are based on the strong meat (Iamb, beef, etc).

Categories of food

  • Hunting
  • Lamb
  • Beef and beef in rich, dark sauces
  • Very juicy steaks, plain or with mushroom sauce, pepper, etc
  • Hard, yellow cheese (parmesan, San Michael)

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