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When asked “whichwines are aged” the answer is complex.

The vast majority of white and rose wines to be consumed quickly, directly or close to release to the market and about 12-18 months from the time of production. This is because the pleasure they offer, both aromatic and tasty, often associated with bold, fresh characteristics of their youth. The same is true ίη general for much of the red wines, especially when the vinification does not include the transition from barrel.

But if so, finally, what aged wine? Α small percentage of white and much of the red wines benefit from aging about 25 years in bottle. Much smaller proportion, mainly red and sweet wines, aged for 5-10 years. Finally, there are fewer or less-case “exceptional” wines, not only withstand, but require long aging, surpassing the 10 years and can reach even several decades. But even for these wines, more amenable to long aging, there is a time when they show better sensory image (color, aroma, taste). That moment is considered ideal for consumption οn and when exceeded, the wine is aged rather than improving, gradually begins to “aging” and finally “died”. As a matter of proper timing and knowledge of what and how wine is aged.

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