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This department offers all the alcoholic drinks/refreshments, as well as juices in a specifically shaped space manufactured from timber that gives other dimension. The big range of Cypriot but also imported drinks will satisfy all exigent lovers of the type.


Wine is an alcoholic beverage product of fermentation of grape juice or the (grape). Drinks similar to wine are also produced from other fruits or flowers or seeds, but the word wine by itself always means wine from grapes.

The wine is of particular interest for several reasons. Is both a popular beverage that accompanies and enhances a wide range of European and Mediterranean flavors, from simple and traditional to the most complex and also an important agricultural product that reflects the diversity of soil and climate of a place. The wine is also used in religious ceremonies in many cultures and the wine trade is of historic importance for many areas.


Beer, beer and Greek beer is a very common alcoholic drink. Main components are the water, the malt and hops, while produced through the process of fermentation.

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