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The meat must be transported immediately after purchasing the home in order to leave nο time for microorganisms (nο food is sterile microbial load) to multiply.

Dο not place meat wrapped in butcher paper οn the upper shelves of the refrigerator. Are likely to drip and contaminate other foods that are uncovered from below.

Knife, board and any utensil used for meat should be washed with hot water and detergent is essential.

For proper maintenance of fresh meat should be careful: the fridge is always clean, the temperature varies approximately 1-4ºC, humidity of the chamber is about 80%-85% c.

The factors (temperature and humidity) should be kept stable as possible, which is achieved if opening and closing the refrigerator οnly when necessary and stays open as little time.

The years that can sustain a piece of raw meat in the refrigerator depends οn the time elapsed from the slaughterhouse to the time it was purchased. If the meat is fresh, we can overcome (for veal) to 10-12 days. When matured and boned, there should be more than the 2-3 days. Greater attention needs pork, the years that maintenance is half the veal.

For proper maintenance of frozen meat must be careful: the temperature of psychrothalamou be at least -15ºC and never reaches above the -12ºC, not put back in the freezen completely defrosted meat.

Large pieces of meat to be cooked in depth. We have to pinch the fork and take care not to come out at all levels.

Especially a veal –for good and for evil, because of BSE– prefer cooking and not baking. If you like the roast to cook the meat first and then put it in oven to brown or grilled. Avoid soups with beef bone. By cooking on the grill increases the risk of cancer because they produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are carcinogens. Therefore, although it is delicious grilled meat, you should eat in moderation. However, the risk is reduced by using plenty of lemon during cooking of meat, like adding rosemary etc.

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