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The irresistible smell of fresh bread, indicates the freshness in the bakery section. Fresh and warm bread creations with full art and tradition, produced locally with natural ingredients without preservatives by our experienced bakers. All facilities and manufacturing processes are certified with safety system for food quality and hygiene products. Bake constantly many times a day to offer everything warm and fresh.



A wide variety of breads traditionally or specialty. Usal breads, whole grain bread, bran bread with sesame, with seeds.


Large or small, with seeds, whole-grain or usual are some of our choices.


Wide variety of pastries, individually or small per kilo. The traditional olive pie, Halloumi pie and Tahini pie, will amaze you. There are also the options of Greek snack, like striftaria and cream pies.

Untitled attachment 00015BUN “ΤIS GIAGIAS”

Τhe Traditional Village Bun “Tis giagias” with sourdough will make you remember old familiar flavors.


Select from the various types of buns usal, with sesame, rye, for hot dog, or American burgers. Also select Cypriot, Greek or Libanesse pitas breads.


Excellent quality traditional mpourekia with anari – halloumi – cream and fasting with halva.

sweets MAY 14SWEETS

The individual cakes sweets treats and biscuits offer. A different choice to those who want to travel to sweets delight a separate inspiration. For each case we have the solution. for visit a selection of sweets will send stead. And if you are celebrating, a selection of treats you will impress.


Traditional Greek shortbread cookies (Kourapiedes). Fantastic honey cookies (Melomakarona), date stuffed pastries (Finikota). As well as the Christmas and Nwe Year’s cake (Vasilopita) will impress you and your Guests the days of Christmas. Also for the Easter you will find our Traditional Easter cheese pie (Flaounes) and tasty buns (Tsourekia) is the ideal solutions for those days.

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