KKOLIAS Supermarkets

The Supermarket KKOLIAS’s began her operation in 1980 in Lakatamia area with a small shop of 300 c.m., but with variety and organization which distinguished and surpassed the other Supermarkets. In 1995 the Supermarket is transported in a new building with total area of 1300 c.m. (Ground floor – Mezzanine), and with 170 parking spaces. Shortly it is established as one of the biggest Supermarkets.

Using latest technology, the modernization of building installations and equipment as well as the education of personnel, are continuous so that it can offer to the customers service and quality in a pleasant, comfortable and friendly environment, with the intense personal presence of management who is ready to provide any help wanted.

In the long-lasting operation of Supermarket we have learned to respect and to appreciate our customers by satisfying their personal requirements and their preferences, by offering big variety of products in the bookshelves of Supermarket as well as in her various departments.

Since the beginning of the operation of our Supermarket a lot of things have changed but the low prices and countless offers always remain the same. We maintain high quality by using continuous quality controls, in order to be sure you always get the best. We offer a variety of high quality products in a clean and friendly environment.

We invested in friendliness and familiarity. We want our customers to know that we care and act in its best interest, enhancing the trust between us.

After the researches that were carried out from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism as well as from the Contact of Consumers, the Supermarket have been established as one of the cheapest Supermarkets in Cyprus, since she offers her products in very low prices and makes a lot of offers.

Shopping from the Supermarket KKOLIA’s you can be sure that you have the fastest shopping because of the reasonable dimensions of Supermarket but also because of the easy access in the comfortable and spacious parking spaces.

We focus in our customer’s satisfaction and expectations. We, management and staff like to serve our customers with a warm friendly smile.

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